VIDEO: Fred Hellerman and Work o’ the Weavers sing ‘Down For the Count’


Fred Hellerman and Work O’ Weavers sing “Down For the Count” at Kisses Sweeter Than Wine: The Guthrie Legacy Concert in Tarrytown NY, April 2010.

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  1. Alan Bickley says:

    The appearance of the Weavers upon the American scene in the 1940s changed my life in what I came to see as a profound way. I began to understand class, equality, solidarity – abstractions all – as words that stood for the conditions of life in the United States. I do not regret for a second that turning despite its having made parts of the journey from there to here a bit more difficult. The music of the Weavers and Fred Hellerman’s voice have kept me company along the way, and for that I am grateful.

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