“This faithfully arranged and sung tribute…rings with such rousing familiarity…that there are moments when you may find yourself thinking that the group’s original members are all within range of the microphones.”
The Washington Post

“A Tale of Musical Courage”
Billboard Magazine

“Through the years it’s really been very nice, our fans have been wonderful, the way they’ve come up to me and said, ‘Oh God, The Weavers are so wonderful’ and ‘You’ve changed my life,’ and all these wonderful things. And I always felt a little cheated because I never had the chance to sit out front and listen to The Weavers. But that changed tonight.”
– Fred Hellerman

“Four wonderful people who’ve…picked up where the Weavers left off. I put on the recording and had to listen to it twice. FANTASTIC!”
– Pete Seeger

“You really do sound like the Weavers!”
– Ronnie Gilbert

“I just loved your show in a million ways. You really have a great energy and spirit. This could be a long running, historical, entertaining, enlightening show that could run for years. Brilliant.”
– Christine Lavin

“One of the best shows I saw this past year. STELLAR!”
– Cathy Fink

“Spontaneously heartwarming, heartfelt and very beautiful.  Bravissimo!”
– Issachar Miron, composer, ‘Tzena, Tzena’

“Thursday night’s concert (at the Palladium) by the contemporary group, Work o’ the Weavers, was one of the most enjoyable musical evenings I’ve had in a long time. If you ever get a chance to hear the group, go. Their appeal is not limited to folks my age.  I saw a number of teens and young adults there who were bobbing and swaying and singing Goodnight Irene along with us of the blue-rinse set.

The concert was in two parts. In the first part, every song was woven into a detailed narrative of the history of the (original) Weavers. It was not just a series of songs by the Weavers. It really was a complete history of the group, the music, its composers and lyricists and the times.  It was educational in a very real sense.  The second part of the concert followed the dictum of Pete Seeger, who is close to the members of the group and endorses it, to not just look backward (nostalgically), but to sing also what the Weavers would sing now if they still existed today. What a wonderful idea.”
– Hilton Kean Jones, 25 Feb 2011, St. Petersburg FL

“If I’m an expert in one thing, it’s in the Weavers’ music. When I heard (Work o’ the Weavers) I got blown away. Great! (They) have it exactly right!”
– Alan Chartock, WAMC-FM, Albany NY

“The Weavers in historical context and the sound so purely resurrected–what a wonderful treat.”
– Bill Hahn, WFDU-FM, New Jersey

“To say your show was great would be an understatement. The music and the commentary were such that anyone closing their eyes would have been, like I was, transported back in time to what was truly folk music’s golden age. As I said that night, thank you so much for keeping it alive.”
– Steve Aaronson, Bethlehem MusikFest

“Superb. Their harmonies and musicianship are first-rate, and more important, they have that elusive quality of gentle charisma and idealistic energy that made The Weavers so dynamic. Afterward, I got a flood of delighted comments and emails from audience members, saying ‘This was the best show yet’ and ‘You’ve raised the performance bar.'”
– Scott Sheldon, The Sanctuary Concerts, Chatham, NJ

“What WotW did for this community was beyond a great concert. You brought people to tears because of the emotional memories you evoked. It was particularly gratifying to me that one of the young people visiting me this weekend heard songs he hadn’t known were Weavers songs–and heard history he hadn’t learned.”
– Helen Engelhardt, Lake Luzerne, NY

“Completely enjoyable evening! You brought back the music and the period. You’ve captured the spirit and excitement of those years.”
– Lucy & Mickey Schoeff, Bayside NY

“Outstanding job, great blend of voices. Biographical stuff is terrific! My ears are happy!!”
– Margaret & Neil McAdorey, Setauket NY

“I love it! Consummate musicianship. These songs inspired me to be an activist. They’re still so relevant.”
– Wendy Moscow, Flushing NY

“Thank you very much for this program. As a listener to The Almanac Singers, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and The Weavers, I thoroughly enjoyed both your excellent performance and your very informative commentary. Keep up your good work.”
– Leo Auerbach, Alford MA

“Interesting, informative, enthusiastic – charismatic performers.”
– Lynn & Lee Geltman, Lexington MA

“Your group is marvelous and I speak as one who knew the original group, and you are way up there with them.”
– Nina Bleiweiss, Hartsdale NY

“Loved every minute and every song – reminiscent of my ‘earlier days.'”
– Roz Rothman, Lenox MA

“One of the most enjoyable evenings this summer.”
– Mike Friedman, Rockville Centre NY

“Enjoyed integrating social history and the music of The Weavers — as well as your beautiful voices.”
– Jim & Elaine Mazza, Monterey MA

“The singing & the harmonies were wonderful & the story of the history of The Weavers was well formulated and presented – (and) greatly appreciated.”
– Amy & Art Alpert, Bronx NY

“Thanks for enriching our lives. This was pure pleasure.”
– Jackie Leonard, Forest Hills NY

“Wonderful to hear this music again! And with such spirit and gusto! A real pick-me-up out of this messy, chaotic world. Thanks!”
– Anne Phillips, Lenox, MA

“Great show, y’all. Sound was good, blend was tight, instruments sounded excellent. Love you all.”
– Jay Mankita

“This is my 2nd time, and I brought friends—can’t stay away. I LOVE what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Will follow your wonderful rise with delight!!”
– Patricia Abrams, Washington CT

“Your love for the music is backed by wonderful voices and excellent musical skills. Encouraging participation form the audience is fun. Stories add history & meaning. I love the banjo.”
– Nonie Muller Smith, Cincinnati OH

“Great—gets better all the time!”
– Bobbi Warren, Housatonic MA

“We always enjoy hearing Weavers music. You sing and play beautifully. (And) your historical and anecdotal information was interesting.”
– Maurice & Judith Joseph, Lenox MA

“The combination of voices is wonderful. The show has a lot of energy. It’s good to be reminded of this heritage.”
– Graham Dean, Great Barrington MA

“Wonderful singing & playing – so often you sounded just like The Weavers! Great selection of songs as well.”
– Barbara Dean, Great Barrington MA

“Loved the music; closed my eyes and I thought I was listening to The Weavers.”
– Michael Symons, Otis MA

“Very enjoyable. I liked your varied selection…and appreciated the talented voices and musical abilities.”
– Evelyn Samuel, Accord NY

“Wonderful performance. It brings back many dear memories.”
– David Newman, Brooklyn NY

“Totally refreshing.”
– Alan & Heather Jacobs, Washington DC

“Well done…an uplifting experience.”
– Nancy Kaufman, Bronx NY

“Absolutely loved your performance! I could have stayed for another two hours!”
– Jean & John Frohlicher, Fairfax VA

“Very entertaining evening–Thank you!”
– Monica Shavit, Kfar Vradim, Israel