VIDEO: Work o’ the Weavers sing ‘Tzena Tzena Tzena’

Posted on Aug 21 2012
Work o’ the Weavers singing “Tzena Tzena Tzena” at Kisses Sweeter Than Wine: The Guthrie...

VIDEO: Fred Hellerman and Work o’ the Weavers sing ‘Down For the Count’

Posted on Aug 21 2012
Fred Hellerman and Work O’ Weavers sing “Down For the Count” at Kisses Sweeter Than...

VIDEO: Live at the Guthrie Center (distilled)

Posted on Jan 22 2011

Past Performances

Posted on Nov 27 2009
Since its 2003 inception Work o’ the Weavers has played to enthusiastically participatory audiences...

2006 Kerrville Folk Festival

Posted on Jul 31 2006
Here are some great photos taken by Merri Lu Park during our performance at the Kerrville Folk Festival....

Hello Friends 2004

Posted on Feb 19 2004
In the first half of 2004, Work o’ the Weavers (WotW) has enjoyed spirited responses from our audiences,...

Hello Friends 2003

Posted on Nov 19 2003
2003 has been an exciting and creative year for us as we’ve continued to shape our ‘Work...